Whether you require a custom part or bulk metal products, Centerville Steelworks provides accurate and cost-effective CNC Plasma cutting services. We use a Victory Plasma cutter and XPR 300 Hyper Therm to create custom small to large projects, and offer fast turn around times from same day service to two weeks depending on the size of the project.

The 6′ x 12′ sheet table handles stainless steel with a 3 inch max cut for steel and a 2 inch max cut for aluminum.  Centerville Steelworks CNC plasma cutter allows for custom modification including angles. Additional services include drafting CAD files for production, true hole capabilities, and welding services of your plasma cut products. Send us your sheet metal specifications by DFX or PDF files or talk to us about custom CAD designs to get started today.

CNC Plasma Cutting Features

  • Victory Plasma Cutter

  • XPR 300 Hyper Therm

  • 6′ x 12′ Plasma Cutting Table

  • Handles stainless steel, steel & aluminum. Note: 3 inch max cut for Steel  & 2 inch max for Aluminum

  • Small to large custom metal designs

  • DFX, PDF & CAD file accessible